Today was the first class after the Summer break. It is alway so hard to get back into a routine especially when the class starts at 9 on a Saturday morning!

I had 2 very special children in my class today – Lexi and Alfie. Both amazing kids who are so full of energy. We learnt about the senses today – touch, feel, sight, smell and taste. I thought it would be a good start to introducing the theme of the term which is “our body”.

Children have this amazing ability to see, feel, hear and things so differently to adults. Texture can always be a problem for a children and if food does not look appetising they will not eat it (i know this from my son)!

We tasted bitter chocolate for the first time – we did some mindful eating. Smelling it first, feeling it and then tasting it. I love dark chocolate but eating it this morning it tasted so different. I can see why children may find the taste and texture to overwhelming.

We played broken telephone which encouraged the children to listen carefully to what was been said to them.

We learnt about the various taste buds in our mouth, the smallest bone in our body and that seeing what we want to see isn’t always the answer.

We did a lot of yoga poses based around balance and some breathing techniques which encouraged the children to feel the warm air coming out of their nose and cold air going in the mouth.

Next week we will be exploring the skeleton, until then…….namaste