Today the theme revolved around Valentines Day. We love giving cards/flowers/presents and making other people smile but do we ever stop to think about ourselves?

Whilst sitting in circle time, I ask the kids to name one thing that they loved. There were various answers – animals/family/chocolate but not 1 child said themselves. As an adult we find it hard to love ourself. There is always something we don’t like about ourselves. Human nature takes over and we feel selfish and egotistical if we think about ourselves first.

We need to start encouraging children to love themselves. See inside themselves and see what an amazing human being they are. If we can start this from a young age, hopefully it will follow through to adulthood.

We did massage on each other, we did lots of poses like camel to let our hearts shine out the love and we also did volcano to get rid of any negative energy we were feeling. We wrote ourselves a little love letter that we will put in a special place and if we are feeling sad or angry, we can look at our letter and see what makes us so special.

At the end I again asked the question “name 1 thing you love about yourself”? The answers were very different, I love my laugh, I love my hair, I love my myself!

A little encouragement goes a long way xx