About Me

Coming from a small town in South Africa, moving to London at the age of 20 was somewhat daunting. My family moved to Cornwall but I wanted to discover the big City. I found everything was so fast paced compared to our little town in the middle of no where. I loved it but I needed some form of calm, something to slow me down – I discovered yoga.

I have always wanted to work with children but ended up in a very corporate role in London. After having 2 children of my own, I knew that I needed to work with children – their minds and enthusiasm for life is so inspiring. They see everything with such excitement and fun and their imaginations are amazing.

To get in touch, either email me at hello@karmakidsyoga.co.uk or call me for a chat on 07855 375939.

I am a fully qualified children’s yoga teacher, gained through an inspiring course run by Bryony Duckett of YogaBeeZ, reconginsed and accredit by the Yoga Alliance.

About Karma Kids

At Karma Kids, we take traditional yoga postures and approaches them through the eyes of a child. We tell stories, go on adventures and discover and learn endless paths that our bodies and minds can unravel for us.

Alongside the physical exercise, we also dedicate an equal amount of attention to the mindful practice that yoga promotes. This involves nurturing the intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual aspects of our minds.

Yoga and mindfulness take you away from the fast paced life we all lead and teaches us a way to just breathe and let go of any stress we may feel. It creates children who are bright lights in this world, increasing their self awareness and strengthening their bodies.

With children aged between 3 and 11, using games, we promote techniques that encourage and stimulate the imagination, the development of self-esteem, acceptance, positive thinking, making healthy choices and most importantly, having fun!